​​Beast Crawl is on hiatus 

We are looking for dependable, motivated, lit-loving folks, who don't mind working for free, to join our organizing committee. 

To inquire or volunteer, contact us here: http://beastcrawl.weebly.com/contact-us.html

BEAST CRAWL is Uptown Oakland’s free annual literary festival, featuring more than 200 poets, writers and performance artists in a single night, spread out over three hours and 40 local galleries, bars, restaurants, cafés, and storefronts, including Telegraph Beer Garden, Awaken Café, Farley’s East, Era Art Bar, Youth Radio, Spice Monkey, Starline Social Club, Feelmore Adult Gallery, Pro Arts Gallery, Layover, E.M. Wolfman Books, Legionnaire, and many more. 

Each leg of The Beast lasts one hour, and offers a dozen different readings to chose from. There's a half hour break between literary legs for socializing and relocating to a new venue before the next reading begins. We recommend choosing one reading per leg. You can even plan your route in advance. 

Every city should have its own unique literary identity, and Beast Crawl is the beating literary heart of Oakland. 

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